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"Linga" - founder member of Mastic Scum - killed by accident!


Our friend & ex-member "Linga" (Moser Christian) died by car accident on tuesday 01.01.2008. We are all very shocked about his tragic death! Linga was founder member of Mastic Scum in 1992 and formed his own band G.F.P.M. in 1996. A good friend and great musician has gone. Linga, you are still with us! R.I.P.

Words from his brother Steff:

In the morning of the 1st of January two policemen came to my home and told me, that something happened to my brother Linga (Christian Moser). He died by a car accident.

In the police station we got his keys, his handy and his purse. I cannot describe what I`ve felt in this moment. I guess nobody can. It was all far away from reality. But when I saw him the last time, I realized he was gone.

I`ve lost my brother and also a kind of idol, because he was the reason why I started listen to heavy metal. And when he started with Harry and Man the band Mastic Scum I also began to play bass guitar. In 1994 Linga leaved Mastic Scum to make his own music and I joined the band till autumn 2003.

After some projects Linga started 1996 the band G.F.P.M. with Dani on the guitar and different drummers. The sound can be described as a kind of fun-noise-grindrock. Linga expressed his thoughts and feelings always in an extreme way – in his band and also in his life.

He leaves behind three kids and his wife, which he married just 2 months ago.

Linga was buried January 4th at the cemetery in Hollersbach.

Goodbye Linga - we`ll see us in another life!
Your brother steff

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