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Live dates confirmed


The first live shows for 2009 are confirmed! Mastic Scum will be on road again in March and play first show at "Chaos Blast Festival" in Munich on 21.03.2009. Also 3 dates in Slovakia are planned in May and some festival shows for summer are fixed. Some more dates to be confimred soon, stay tuned...

Live dates:

21.03.2009 "Chaos Blast Festival IV" - Munich (Germany)
Rompeprop, Haemophagia, Mastic Scum, Dead, Poppy Seed Grinder, Keitzer, Ultrawurscht & Medecophobic

25.04.2009 "Gates Of Darkness" - Graz (Austria)
Mastic Scum, Distorted Impalement, Bloodfeast, Corpse For Breakfast, All Falls Down & Forever In Decay

01.05.2009 "In Grind We Crust" - Lucenec (Slovakia)
Mastic Scum, Neuropathia, Mizar, Alea Iacta Est & more

02.05.2009 "Anaal Festival XIV" - Nitra (Slovakia)
Mastic Scum, Neuropathia, Stillbirth, Eternal Bleeding & more

03.05.2009 Trencin t.b.a. (Slovakia)
Mastic Scum & more

15.05.2009 "Summer Nights Warm Up" - Pfarrkirchen (Ger)
Mastic Scum, Outrage, Gods Of Emptiness, Extinction & Support

16.05.2009 t.b.a. (Germany)
Mastic Scum & more

01.08.2009 "Escape Metalfest" - Vienna (Austria)
Mastic Scum & more

14.08.2009 "Next Generation Open Air" Niederöblarn (Aut)
Destruction, Endstille, Belphegor, Tyr, Hollenthon, JAKA, Mastic Scum, Goddamned-X, Ultrawurscht & many more

15.08.2009 t.b.a. (Austria)
Mastic Scum & more

29.08.2009 "D.I.Y. Festival" - Cesky Tesin (Czech Rep.)
Mastic Scum & more

02.10.2009 "Noize Overdose" - Zittau (Germany)
Mastic Scum & more

03.10.2009 t.b.a. (Germany)
Mastic Scum & more


Sa. 21.03.2009 "Chaos Blast Festival IV"
Munich - Hansa 39 (Feierwerk)

Mastic Scum
Poppy Seed Grinder
Start: 17:00 h
Doors: 16:30 h
Cost: 17 €

Official Video:

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