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Tribute to Nasum!


Mastic Scum is part of "Tribute To Nasum" Compilation CD! We are proud to feature the track "The Masked Face" from the "Inhale/Exhale" album. The Compilation CD was released by "Power It Up" Rec. on Nov. 18th 2009.

Power It Up comments: it's time to announce, the releasedate for these awesome release is november 2009. More than two years of work, to get all the tracks from 53 bands from all over the world together. We are really proud to get these awesome release on our label.

Here are some bands who are a part of the compilation: Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Leng Tch'e, Total Fucking Destruction, The Arson Project, Rompeprop, Dead Infection, Mastic Scum, Blockheads & many more.

Featured Bands:

Ablach - Too Naked To Distort
Accion Mutante - Tested
Afgrund - Shadows
Blockheads - Going Nowhere
Bombstrike - Inhale/Exhale
Circle Of Dead Children - You’re Obsolete
Coldworker - Den mörka tiden
Collision - Closer To The End
Creative Waste - Can De Lach
Cyness - A Look At Society
Dead Infection - Think
Deathbound - Just Another Hog
Depression - Fantasibilder
Dr. Doom - Scoop
Drudgery - Words To Die For
Embalming Theatre - Cut To Fit
Goregast - Stealth Politics
Horrificia - It’s Never To Later
Infanticide - Låt inte asen styra ditt liv
Infest - The Everlasting Shame
Inhume - Löpande
Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Reasons?
Keitzer - A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air
Krush - This Is
Leng T’che - No Sign Of Improvement
Magnicide - Spiral goes down
Magrudergrind - I See Lies
Malignant Tumour - ?
Masochist - A Request For Guidance
Mastic Scum - The Masked Face
Methadone Abortion Clinic - Sixteen
Misery Index - Digging In
Mumakil - Gargoyles and Grotesques
My Cold Embrace - Silent Sanguinary Soil
Nashgul - The Dream
Nyctophobic - Detonator
Obligatorisk Tortyr - I helvetet
Putrescence - The Black Swarm
Retaliation - Theres No Escape
Rompeprop - Dissapointed
Rotten Sound - Resistance
Rottencold - The Idiot Parade
Sakatat - Fullmatad
Sanitys Dawn - Corrosion
Sayyadina - Time To Act
Splitter - När Dagarna
The Arson Project - ?
Tinner - Fear Of The China Syndrome
Trepan’Dead - Distorsion & Disinformation
Utopium - My Philosophy
White Eyes - Warfuck
Who’s My Saviour - Worst Case Scenario

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