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Romanian Madness Tour 2011!!!


We are happy to inform that the long awaited Romanian dates are confirmed!!! We sure cannot wait to headline the "Romanian Madness Tour" with Necrovile (RO) and a lot of great local support bands!!!

You are awaited to take part in the Romanian Madness Tour!! We look forward to grind with you the Romanian venues: Brasov 15 April 2011 in Rockstadt, Bucharest 16 April 2011 in Cage Club and Iasi 17 April 2011 at Brutal Fest IV!!! See you in the pits!!! SPREAD THE MADNESS!!!

Romanian Madness Tour 2011


15 April 2011 Brasov - Rockstadt
16 April 2011 Bucharest - Cage Club
17 April 2011 Iasi - Brutal Fest IV

Official Video:

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