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Mastic Scum @ GOTV


Our official video "Construcdead" is featured at GOTV hosted by "Freund Hein" on Tuesday 11th of October along with Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, Pantera, Devastating Enemy, Freund Hein and many more!

The videoclip is also part of GOTV "Hardplay" on Friday 14th of October. Hardplay playlist: Devil Driver, Finntroll, Ektomorf, Saltatio Mortis, Epica, Audioslave, Guano Apes, Powerwolf and more.

Hosted by FREUND HEIN (11.10.2011)

Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Lamb Of God - Redneck
Mastic Scum - Construcdead
Cannibal Corpse - Make Them Suffer
Devastating Enemy - As Bloodshed Begins
Misery Index - Traitors
Meshuggah - Bleed
Los Deepest - How Low Can You Go?
Motörhead - Get Back In Line
Megadeth - The Right To Go Insane
Pantera - Five Minutes Alone
Freund Hein - Bourbon Time

HARDPLAY (14.10.2011)

Tough Motion - Du Bist
Ektomorf - It's Up To You
DevilDriver - Death To Rights
Mastic Scum - Construcdead
Finntroll - Under Bergerts Rot
Saltatio Mortis - Hochzeitstanz
Epica - Never Enough
Powerwolf - We Drink Your Blood
Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
Guano Apes - Living In A Lie
Sep7ember - I Hate New York
Suzie Cries For Help - Dark Portion Of Your Life

Official Video:

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