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Mastic Scum goes USA!!


Mastic Scum goes USA!! Confirmed as co-headliner at "Central Illinois Metalfest" on 13.08.2004 and also extra shows with the Pornogrinders "Lividity" from Illinois. "Central Illinois Metalfest" in Urbana/Illinois is announced on 13.-14. of august 2004.


08.08.2004 Joplin - The Cesspool (Missouri - U.S.A.)
with Lividity, Mastic Scum & Slough

10.08.2004 St. Louis - Nikki´s Bar (Missouri - U.S.A.)
with Lividity, Mastic Scum & Ocularis

13.08.2004 "Central Illinois Metalfest" in Urbana (Illinois - U.S.A.)
with Lividity, Incantation, Fleshgrind, Mastic Scum, Internal Suffering, Desecration, Waco Jesus, Stabwound, Lust Of Decay, Putrid Pile & many more

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