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New album out Sept. 5th 2005


The upcoming 3rd album "mind" will be out September 5th 2005. This album will contain 13 tracks + video clip and will be released by Cudgel Agency / Twilight Distribution. At this record we put more emphasis on Death Metal, combined with Grindcore and Hardcore tunes - Death Metal Core straight in the face! Mp3 samples coming soon.


1. My Minds Mine
2. Torn Desire - Twisted Hate
3. Unrestrained
4. No Regrets
5. Mindthrill
6. Devil Inside
7. To Hell With Good Intentions
8. Violated With Flowers
9. Curriculum Vitae
10. Crawl
11. In Vain
12. Soils Of Fate
13. Control?

Official Video:

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