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New live dates


New live dates are confirmed now. We are happy to announce some festival shows and also the show with Napalm Death in Vienna. We also finished the work on our upcoming album, so we are ready to hit the stage with some new tracks. For show details watch the dates section.

Upcoming dates:

10.06.2005 Slavonice - Kawarna (Czech Rep.)
Fleshless, Mastic Scum, Laniema Mentis & more

11.06.2005 Innsbruck - PMK Bogen (Austria)
Mastic Scum, Inzest, Zerofour & more

08.07.2005 Vienna - Arena (Austria)
Napalm Death, Diecast, Sayyadina & Mastic Scum

13.08.2005 "Dark Matter Festival" Hollabrunn - Schlachthof (Austria)
Pungent Stench, Mastic Scum, Dark Deception & Freund Hein

02.09.2005 t.b.a. (Germany)
Mastic Scum, Maledictive Pigs & more

03.09.2005 "Giants Of Grind #2" Salzgitter - Forellenhof (Germany)

Jigsore Terror, Mastic Scum, Suppository, Depression & more

14.10.2005 "Zittau Death Festival" Zittau - Emil (Germany)
Mastic Scum & many more

15.10.2005 "Halloween Metal Festival" Salzburg - Argekultur (Austria)
Mastic Scum & many more

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