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Rockfalls Festival 2007


Mastic Scum will play at Aftershow-Party at Rockfalls Festival on Saturday 30.06.2007. The 3-day-festival takes place in Würzburg / AKW and will start on Friday 29.06.2007. Mastic Scum will enter stage on Saturday evening at 23h. Other bands: Pro Pain, Heaven Shall Burn, Pungent Stench, Aborted, Cataract, One Man Army And The Undead Quartett, Lacrimas Profundere & many more.
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New CD "The EPs Collection" out now!


"The EP`s Collection 1993-2002" was released by Power It Up/Twilight Vertrieb on june 4th 2007. The CD includes the tracks from the split EP's with ROTTEN SOUND, with CSSO, with BLOCKHEADS and with MALIGNANT TUMOUR. All together 32 tracks with running time of 59:01 min including some cover-songs and 2 unreleased tracks. There are 3 new mp3 tracks available on our homepage now. The CD can be
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Hard Taste Open Air


Mastic Scum will appear live at Hard Taste Open Air in Germany on Saturday 19.05.2007. The 3-day-festival takes place in Haßleben and will start 17.05.2007. Mastic Scum will enter stage on 21:30h. Other bands: Pungent Stench, Rawside, Postmortem, Mortal Agony, Transilvanian Beat Club, Melnitschuk, Spit On You, Destination Anywhere, Anger In Myself, Die Schnickebiers. See you!
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New live dates


Some more live dates are confirmed now. There are just few live dates planned for 2007 as we will concentrate on our new album. There are already some cool tunes but there are still a lot of riffs and structures to work out. In the meantime check out our new release "EP`s Collection 1993-2002" coming in June. read more

Butcherian Vibe #17/18


Mastic Scum is featured at "Butcherian Vibe" CD Sampler. The new double issue #17/18 contains 43 interviews with bands like: Cradle Of Filth, Deftones, Trivium, Ektomorf, Mastodon, Coldworker, Therion & many more. Including free CD Sampler with bands like: Mortuary, Destruction, Grave Digger, Mastic Scum, Absense, Dornenreich & many more. Lots of news, more than 500 reviews, live reports, poll + poster + calendar.
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The EP`s Collection 1993-2002


"The EP`s Collection" will be out June 4th, released by "Power It Up" from Germany. The idea for this compilation CD was born years ago as we received different requests from fans and friends to put all vinyl releases together at one CD. Not only because the EP`s were hard to get or sold out, also because record-players run off with time. Well, this CD will contain all EP`s released on vinyl, including 32 tracks with 2 unreleased tracks. read more

15th anniversary of Mastic Scum!


This year the band celebrates the 15th anniversary! We started back in 1992 jamming some deathmetal tunes and getting used to our instruments... till now we got this thing running. At this point we wanna thank all our fans, friends and everyone who supported the band all this years! For this reason we are very happy to announce the upcoming CD "The EP´s Collection 1993-2002". This CD will be out in June, released by "Power It Up" from Germany. read more

Festivals dates 2007 confirmed


The first festival shows for 2007 are confirmed now. Mastic Scum will be back on stage in March 07. There are just few live dates planned for 2007 as we will concentrate on our new album. There are already some cool tunes but there are also a lot of riffs and structures to work out. Some dates are fixed now, some more dates to be confirmed soon. Stay tuned! read more

Heavy New Year!!!


Well, this was a very successful but also exhausting year 2006! We played a lot of shows, lots of distances on the road, lots of parties, lots of beer and so on... We had a fucking great time and wanna thank all that maniacs out there for great support! At the time we are working on new tracks, so we will take a break of playing live next few months. Lots of riffs and structures need to be brought together. We plan to be back on stage in march. There are just a few shows planned for 2007 as we will concentrate on our next album. read more

Grind Your Mind 2006 is over


We finished our live activities for 2006. Our last 2 shows “Headbangers Ball” in Saalfelden and the show with “Heaven Shall Burn" in Leipzig were a blast! A big thanx to all maniacs for great support! Nexton Mastic Scum will appear live with "Heaven Shall Burn" at Planet Music in Vienna on 13.01.2007. No more dates planned till spring 2007 as we are working on our new album. read more

New merch available!


Lots of new merchandise is available now! Shirts, jackets, caps... and a lot of other new stuff has just arrived. For more details and orders check out our online shop now! New shop with new ordering system - we accect PayPal and credit cards as well. read more

Decadance Fr. 06.10.2006


Mastic Scum and Devanic will appear live at "Decadance" on friday 06.10.2006. Event will take place at "The Monastery" in Vienna - start 21h. There is also Dj Line with DJ Kine & Iguana and 2nd floor with "Death Metal Chillout Zone". See you there.

Deathmetal Chillout Zone & Happy-Hour!
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DVD Joining Forces 4


Mastic Scum is featured at the new DVD Joining Forces 4. A video clip compilation featuring more than 30 videos by Caliban, Legion Of The Damned, Born From Pain, Six Reasons To Kill, Fear My Thoughts, Under Siege, Deadsoil, Mastic Scum, Koroded, End Of Days, Crisis Never End, Deadborn, Perzonal War and many more. The DVD can be ordered at our online shop for EUR 10.- now! read more

Shows update!


Mastic Scum will play 2 shows in Czech Republic on 25th and 26th of August. We will appear at "Fekal Festival #8" in Prague and at "Martys Club" in Budejovice. Great to be back in Czech Rep. again! For more details check out our "dates" section. There are also some bad news: the show in Zürich was cancelled. Due some organisation problems the event had to be cancelled. Sorry to all our fans there! We will try to come over in spring 2007. read more

Sauzipf Rocks!


Mastic Scum will appear live at Sauzipf Festival 7 on friday 11.08.2006. We will share stage with Dealer, Brewtality, Madog, Pater Gelion, Dead Klestils and many more. The festival ist placed at Millstätter See in Döbriach (Carinthia). The event will start 5pm, Mastic Scum will enter stage at 10pm. See you. more... read more

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