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All the best for 2008!


We'd just like to wish everyone a slightly belated Happy New Year and much success for 2008. The last year was a great year for Mastic Scum and we'd just like to extend our thanks to everyone that showed support for us!

At the time we are working on our upcoming 4th album. Lot of songwriting is already done, but we are still preparing new tracks... New material is fucking exciting - shredding mosh grooves and grindcore blast attacks. New album to be released in summer 2008.

Beside of working on our new album we recorded 1 new track for the "EM-08" Sampler! The track is entitled "Adrenaline" and was recorded 16.11.2007 at "Fast Forward Studios" in Vienna! This Compilation CD will be released in May 2008.

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