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Tape version "The EP`s Collection" released!


Hell yeah! The tape version of "The EP`s Collection 1993-2002" is out now! It was released by "Deathmutt Rec." from Malaysia. The tape includes all tracks released on vinyl, also from the split EP's with ROTTEN SOUND, CSSO, BLOCKHEADS and MALIGNANT TUMOUR. All together 32 tracks with running time of 59:01 min including some cover-songs and 2 unreleased tracks. The CD version was released to the 15th anniversary of Mastic Scum in 2007 by "Power It Up" from Germany.

Side A:
01. One-Track Minded
02. Distance To The Truth
03. Kiss Or Kill
04. Pornoholic
05. Great Cop (Fugazi)
06. Pink Machine Gun (Doctor And The Crippens)
07. Scum (Electro Hippies)
08. Garfield For President (Unseen Terror)
09. I Hope You Die In A Hotel Fire (Righteous Pigs)
10. Hippie Cult (Agathocles)
11. Intrusion
12. Suckass
13. Fuck Authority
14. I Need A Spliff
15. Filthkick

Side B:
16. The Human Scum (Live)
17. A Load Of Cocaine (Live)
18. Political Shit (Live)
19. Rock Out With Your Cock Out (Live)
20. Conviction (Live)
21. Mental Confusion
22. Brainslam
23. Hyper-Detection
24. Perverse Illusion
25. Blind To The Truth
26. Tilt
27. Emotive Synergy
28. Intro
29. Imminent Obscurity
30. And Abhorrence Still Remains
31. Homicidal Blatency
32. Morbid Obligation

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