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"C T R L" Album-Teaser online!!


Check out the Album-Teaser for our upcoming album. LIKE IT, SHARE IT, SPREAD IT!! New album "C T R L" will be out Dec. 6th via Massacre Rec!

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Artwork + Tracklist for "C T R L " revealed!!


Hey Grinders, it`s time to reveal the artwork and further details of "C T R L "!! The concept of the album depicts a futuristic vision of the technological evolution and development of society - the need to control and the inevitable collapse of a system!

The artwork was designed by Lukas Lancko - IsisDesignStudio. The mixing was done by Mike Kronstorfer at Metalforge Studio and it got mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio.

"C T R L " Tracklist:
01. Controlled Collapse
02. Dehumanized
03. Cause & Effect
04. Brute-Force-Methode
05. D1s3mb0d1m3nt
06. Rebornation
07. Perceptive Illusion
08. Hyper-Detection 2.0
09. Create/Negate
10. The Vortex Within
11. Resurrection

The 5th album "C T R L " will be released Dec. 6th 2013 via Massacre Records!

Artwork preview from IsisDesignStudio!!


Hey folks, we got a preview of our new artwork from IsisDesignStudio!! Same excited as we are?? The artwork for "C T R L" gets designed by Lukas Lancko and will be revealed middle/end of September!

Lukas from IsisDesignStudio comments:" ... it took almost 2 months of designing, 3d modeling and stuff, but it turned out epic! Cant wait to announce entire artwork in the middle of September. Meanwhile some some work-in-progress previews will follow, stay tuned!"

We are finishing work on new album!!


We are finally finishing work on our new album "C T R L"! The mix was already done by Mike Kronstorfer at Metalforge Studio" and it's going off for mastering at next week. The mix sounds killer and we cannot wait to share it with you! Mastering will be done by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Denmark!

The artwork gets designed by IsisDesignStudio and will also be finished soon, so we will post a preview then! Album release and live-shows are planned for December 2013. Stay tuned!! For news & updates visit us here:

Release-Shows + Album-Release postponed!!


SOMETIMES LIFE`S A BITCH!!!! We have to announce that through serious health reasons Maggo is not able to perform the upcoming live-shows! We are pretty bumped about this situation and hope for better news soon. Unfortunately we are forced to postpone the upcoming release-shows as well as the album-release. We are truly sorry to all our fans and promoters, we will make it up to you soon!!


Album gets mixed at Metalforge Studio!


The new album will be mixed at METALFORGE STUDIO by Mike Kronstorfer! We recorded 11 tracks including a re-recorded track from the Demo 10/94 at GRINDLAB STUDIO during several sessions in this spring. The new material is shaping up in a brutal style, the result sounds awesome!

Harry comments: "We are very excited about this collaboration. I know Mike and his great work since long time and i`m happy to work with him together for the upcoming album. He is the perfect choice for the sound-production we are looking for this release!" Be prepared!

"Metal For The Flood Victims" Donation Sampler


Radio-Diabolus wants to help the victims of the floodings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and compiled the digital sampler "Metal for the Flood Victims" that contains 40 songs. All earnings will be donated to an aid organization - without any deductions!

With Hate Squad, Vendetta, Circle Of Silence, Macbeth, Scornage, Mastic Scum, Outrage, Necrosphere, Schwarzer Engel, DuskMachine, Helldorados, Rebellion & many more.

Release Date + Album Title!


The upcoming 5th album will be entitled "CTRL" and will be released Sept. 27th via Massacre Records! The new CD will contain 11 tracks including a re-recorded track from the Demo 10/94. The new material is shaping up in a brutal style on higher level but also a returning to the roots!

At the time the band is in the studio to finish the recordings for the album. New album will be mixed at Metalforge Studio by Mike Kronstorfer, the artwork will be designed by IsisDesignStudio. More infos coming soon!

Photos from Studio-Sessions uploaded!


Get some impressions from the recording of our upcoming album. Photos from the recording-sessions at Grindlab-Studio are uploaded at photo-section.

For news & updates visit us at:

New dates confirmed for summer / fall 2013


New live-dates are confirmed for summer/fall 2013!! Beside working in the studio right now we cannot wait to hit the stage soon!! MASTIC SCUM is proud to headline some festivals and we are also very enthusiastic to visit some cool clubs again after a long time!


03.05.2013 Rockfest Fusch 2013 (Austria)
Koma, Mastic Scum & Disgraced Life

08.06.2013 Alternativni Scena - Orlova (Czech Rep.)
Mastic Scum, Five Seconds To Leave, Got A Wolf, Got Blue Balls & more

03.08.2013 Hellfeier Festival 2013 - Liebenfels (Austria)
Mastic Scum, Dust Bolt, Fallen Utopia, Pain Is, Reapers Call & more

30.08.2013 Headbangers Desaster 2 - Geinberg (Austria)
Master, Mastic Scum, Riger, Akrea, Darkend, Death Mentality & more

20.09.2013 Munich - t.b.a. (Germany)
Mastic Scum & more

21.09.2013 STP Metal Weekend - St. Plten (Austria)
Mastic Scum, Reanima, Godhatecode, Marrok, Squirtophobic, Epsilon & more

27.09.2013 Innsbruck - Weekender (Austria)
Mastic Scum & more

28.09.2013 Bavarian Metalfest 2013 (Germany)
Mastic Scum, Death Mentality, Mortal Infinity, Eminent Remains & more

11.10.2013 Wien - Viper Room (Austria)
Mastic Scum, Reanima & more

12.10.2013 Bratislava - Club U Ocka (Slovakia)
Mastic Scum, Reanima & more

25.10.2013 Linz - Ann & Pat (Austria)
Mastic Scum, Distaste & more

09.11.2013 Budapest - t.b.a. (Hungary)
Mastic Scum & more

For latest news & updates visit:

Live ar Rockfest 2013 on May 3rd!!


MASTIC SCUM will grind at "Rockfest 2013" in Fusch (Austria) on friday 3rd of May!!!! We will enter stage at 21:00!!!!! Be there & grind with us!!!!! |m|

At this event we will have a special merchandise-offer!! Get the "Festival-Package" of our actual CD "DUST" including CD+Shirt+Poster+Sticker for only EUR 19.- !!!!!

Line up: Koma, Mastic Scum & Disgraced Life! See you!!!!!

Studio News / Album Update


We are currently working on 11 new brutal tracks again at Grindlab Studio!! Drums are already recorded and got nailed down by Man Gandler. Bass & Guitars will be tracked within next week. We`ve also already started the vocal recordings with Maggo Wenzel. There will also be some guest vocal appearances!!

Due different reasons we have to postpone a studio-session back to March/April. As we cannot keep the release date in spring, the album release is pushed back to summer/fall 2013 through Masssacre Records. More infos coming next weeks!!

Confirmed for Hellfeier Festival 2013!!


MASTIC SCUM is proud to announce the confirmation for Hellfeier Festival 2013!!!! The Festival takes place in Liebenfels (Austria) 03.08.2013!!!! See you there!!!!!!!

Confirmed Bands: Mastic Scum, Dust Bolt, Fallen Utopia, Pain Is, Reapers Call & more!!

Tickets available at Rockverein Liebenfels, -Ticket and the bands!!

Heavy New Year 2013!!!!


MASTIC SCUM wishes everybody a Happy New Year 2013!! This ending year has been great for us! We wanna extend special thanks to everyone that showed support!!!

We are currently in the studio working on the upcoming 5th album! We are fucking excited about the new record which will be for sure a progression from several points of view. The album will be released by Massacre Records, the release is planned in spring/summer 2013! Stay tuned!!!

Hopefully 2013 will be also a successful year for us and all of you out there and we sure look forward to seeing you in the pit!!! Scum ahead!!!

Merry Fucking X-Mas!!


Merry Fucking Christmas to everyone out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |m|

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