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Pantera Tribute Night


MASTIC SCUM are proud to be part of "PANTERA TRIBUTE NIGHT" @ Szene Wien (Austria) on December 8th 2011!

In respect to Pantera and in memory of Dimebag Darrell (RIP), Metal Allstars Austria will perform at this event. Members of Mastic Scum, Before The Fall, Black Inhale, Days Of Loss, Full Contact, Progness, Xenesthis, Cadaver Race, Epsilon & many more will play some of the greatest Pantera songs of all times!

Check details about this event @ Facebook:

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Live @ Moregore Festival VI


Saturday 19th of November MASTIC SCUM will grind the "Moregore Festival VI" in Ostrava (Czech Rep.)!!!! Its always great for us to return to Czech Rep. for another grind party!!

We are happy to share stage in this Moregore edition with Rectal Smegma, Eternal Bleeding, Craniotomy, Pigsty, Squirtophobic, Gutalax and many more! See you in the pit!! Grind on!!!! \m/

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New live-clip "The Consciousness In A State Of Mind" online!!


We would like to announce the appearance of a new Mastic Scum videoclip on youtube!!! The video was made by WIZ - we appreciate the work and support very much!! We really enjoy the video and we hope you enjoy it too!!
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Mastic Scum @ GOTV


Our official video "Construcdead" is featured at GOTV hosted by "Freund Hein" on Tuesday 11th of October along with Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, Pantera, Devastating Enemy, Freund Hein and many more!

The videoclip is also part of GOTV "Hardplay" on Friday 14th of October. Hardplay playlist: Devil Driver, Finntroll, Ektomorf, Saltatio Mortis, Epica, Audioslave, Guano Apes, Powerwolf and more. read more

Pics & Video from Wolfsrock Festival!


We had a great time at Wolfsrock Festival! Check out some Live-Pics @ Facebook and a Live-Video @ YouTube.

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Live @ Wolfsrock Festival 2011!


Mastic Scum will perform live at "Wolfsrock Festival 2011" in St. Michael (Austria) on Friday 26th of August along with Born From Pain, Counterweight, Prepare For Glory and many more!

As special-offer you can get a "Festival-Package" with merchandise of our actual CD "DUST" including CD+Shirt+Poster for EUR 19.-

Bands: Born From Pain, Mastic Scum, Counterweight, Prepare For Glory, Life Crime & Zen Rodeo. See you in the pit!

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Working on new album!!


Greetings Grinders!

MASTIC SCUM is currently working on the new 5th album! We are fucking excited about the new record which follows our last album DUST, our strongest release up to date, of which we are very proud!! However, the new release will be for sure a progression from the songwriting and sound production points of view.

Some of the songwriting is already done, but we still have work to do! The new material so far is fucking brutal, combining shredding rhythms, mosh grooves and grindcore blast attacks! We sure give 100% in the song-writing-process and we cannot wait to enjoy with everyone the new overdose of brutal distorted structures! Be prepared!!

As our goal is to enter the studio earliest in autumn 2011, we are very focused on our work and will play just a few live-shows this summer/fall. Nevertheless, we really look forward to grind with you at our upcoming shows! Stay tuned!!!

About the progress of the new album, we will keep you updated on our official Facebook site:

Mastic Scum @ Reverb Nation


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03.+04.06.2011 Pfarrkirchen (GER) + Millstatt (A)


MASTIC SCUM will perform live in Pfarrkirchen - Bogaloo with U.G.F., Sucking Leech, Sarepta & Reanima on 03.06.2011 and in Millstatt - Bergwerk with Before Sunset, Prepare For Glory & By Sunset on 04.06.2011! Be there and grind with us!

03.06.2011 Pfarrkirchen - Bogaloo (GER)
04.06.2011 Millstatt - Bergwerk (A)

Headliner @ Contrust Open Air


MASTIC SCUM is proud to headline "Contrust Open Air" in Wörgl (A) on 21.05.2011! The 2-days event takes place at Parkplatzgelände/Contrast Bar. Be there and grind with us!!

Line-up saturday: Mastic Scum, Fadenkreuz, Alforna, Epidermis, A Man A Wolf A Killer, Sibirian Trainstation, Flush Of Anger, Nekrophilia, Faith Illusion & Gore Gons Ola.

Metalchamp Finale 2011!


MASTIC SCUM is proud to headline Metalchamp Finale 2011! The event takes place at Szene Wien on Sa. 30.04.2011! Be there and grind with us! See u in the pit!!

This are the final bands of Metalchamp 2011: Upon A Red Sky, Counterweight, Scumshot, The Crimson, Cementary Garden & Four In A Cage.

Romanian Madness Tour 2011!!!


We are happy to inform that the long awaited Romanian dates are confirmed!!! We sure cannot wait to headline the "Romanian Madness Tour" with Necrovile (RO) and a lot of great local support bands!!!

You are awaited to take part in the Romanian Madness Tour!! We look forward to grind with you the Romanian venues. See you in the pit!!! Spread the madness!!!

April 15th 2011 Brasov - Rockstadt
April 16th 2011 Bucharest - Fabrica
April 17th 2011 Iasi - Brutal Fest III
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New Live-dates confirmed!


A lot of new live-dates are confirmed for 2011! Mastic Scum will be on road in March again and play the first show at "Reconcile" in Jenbach (Austria) on 25.03.2011.

We are also happy to announce the "Romanian Madness Tour" which will take place between 15.04-17.04.2011, "Metalchamp Finale" in Vienna on 30.04.2011, "Rockfest 2011" in Fusch on 06.05.2011 and many, many more!

25.03.2011 Jenbach - VA-Zentrum (A)
Punchline, Mastic Scum, Old-Hate, Syrus & Hategasm

15.04.2011 Brasov - Rockstadt (RO)
Mastic Scum, Necrovile, Deliver The God, Code Red & N.E.G.A.T.I.V.

16.04.2011 Bucharest - Fabrica (RO)
Mastic Scum, Necrovile, Psychogod, Days Before Disappearance & Vepres

17.04.2011 "Brutal Fest III" Iasi - Hand Club (RO)
Mastic Scum, Necrovile, Vile Obsession, Boratorii, P.O.V. & Merkes

30.04.2011 "Metalchamp Finale" Vienna (A)
Mastic Scum & many more

06.05.2011 "Rockfest 2011" Fusch (A)
Stahlzeit, Mastic Scum, Vicious Circle & Corrosive

07.05.2011 t.b.a. (A)
Mastic Scum & more

21.05.2011 "Open Air Festival" - Wörgl (A)
Mastic Scum & more

03.06.2011 Pfarrkirchen - Bogaloo (GER)
Mastic Scum, Psychotic Despair, Reanima & more

04.06.2011 t.b.a. (A)
Mastic Scum & more

17.06.2011 "Crossfest 2011" Kremze (CZ)
Mastic Scum, Ingrowing, Locomotive, Distaste, Spasm & many more

19.11.2011 "Moregore VI" - Olomouc (CZ)
Rectal Smegma, Mastic Scum, Clitgore, Pigsty, Mizar & more

20.11.2011 t.b.a. (CZ)
Mastic Scum & more

for details about the festivals visit our dates section.

New Fan-Video online!


We would like to announce the appearance of a new Mastic Scum videoclip on youtube!!! As the video was made by one of our fans, this fanvideo is very special to us!!! We appreciate the work and support very much!! We really enjoy the video and we hope you enjoy it too!!

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Help us to spread our Scum Music and gather people to grind with!! Support our networks! Enter now in the virtual Scum Society!!!

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