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Mastic Scum live at Metalfest Open Air


Mastic Scum will perform live at "Metalfest Open Air" in Mining am Inn on Saturday 15th of May at 20:20h!

Bands: Testament, Deicide, Caliban, Vader, Marduk, Eluveitie, Finntroll, Varg, Sadist, High Rise Fall, In Slumber, Mastic Scum, Days Of Loss, Hellsaw & many more. See you in the pit!

13.-15. May - Schloß Mamling, Mining am Inn (Austria)
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New Bass-Player in Mastic Scum


We are happy to welcome Alex Schmid aka "Riffmaster X" as new bass-player in Mastic Scum! Alex is also active as guitar-player in "Days Of Loss" (Deathmetal) from Vienna.

Due to time issues Boris Balogh had to leave the band. We wanna thank him for the great time we spent together in the last years and wish him all the best for the future!

Mastic Scum will present the new line-up with new setlist at "Battle Of Metal" in Saalfelden on 30.04.2010.

Interviews at "Arising Realm" and "Demonic Nights"


More information about our album release, our past tour experience and also about our upcoming video can be found in some interviews taken by “Demonic Nights” and "Arising Realm" Magazine.

On "Demonic Nights" the interview and review of our new album “DUST” can be found online. The other interview can be found in a printed version of the “Arising Realm” Magazine.

Festival dates confirmed!


The first festivals shows for 2010 are confirmed! Mastic Scum will be on road in April again and play first show at "Raise The Roof Festival" in Pischelsdorf on 17.04.2010. We are also happy to announce "Metalfest Open Air" in Mining, "Antitrend Open Air" in Czech Rep. and "Kaltenbach Open Air" in Semmering. Also "Adipocire Festival IX" in Czech Rep. "Goremageddon Festival" in Germany are confirmed for the next autumn. Some more dates coming soon!

17.04.2010 "Raise The Roof Festival"
Pischelsdorf am Engelbach (Austria)

30.04.2010 "Battle Of Metal"
Saalfelden - Nexus (Austria)

15.05.2010 "Metalfest Open Air 2010"
Schloß Mamling - Mining am Inn (Austria)

18.06.2010 Kawarna
Slavonice - Kawarna (Czech Rep.)

19.06.2010 "Antitrend Open Air"
Zabcice near Brno (Czech Rep.)

15.07.2010 "Kaltenbach Open Air"
Spital am Semmering (Austria)

18.09.2010 t.b.a. (Austria)

22.10.2010 Divadlo pod Lampou
Pilsen - Divadlo pod Lampou (Czech Rep.)

23.10.2010 "Adipocire Festival IX"
Praha - Exit Chmelnice (Czech Rep.)

13.11.2010 "Goremageddon IV"
Görlitz - 2 Linden (Germany)

for details about the festivals visit our dates section.

Song featured on Terrorizer Mag. #192


The song "Construcdead" is featured on new Fear Candy CD from Terrorizer Mag. #192. Here are some bands which appear on the compilation CD: Overkill, Sworn Amongst, Charred Walls of the Damned, Nemhain, From Great Height, For Ruin, Hellish Crossfire, Sacrifice, Surrounded by Disgust & many more. Fear Candy Compilations have already become a collectible item, get the new issue at your local newspaper-dealer.
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Back from Tour! Pics online!


We are back from Funeral Nation Tour 2010! Yes, we survived this fucking crusade! This tour was really awesome, unbelievable! All venues was heavy crowded and got a great atmosphere, every day! It was such an experience for us to play in balkan countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Greece & Serbia and to see that metal is united!

We wanna thank all fans out there for the great support! Respect! Also thanks to Massive Music, Catapult Promotion and Twilight Rec. for their support and of course to Marduk, Vader and Sinate! This guys rule! Check out pics at our gallery, myspace and facebook! Scum ahead!

Funeral Nation Tour 2010!


We are on European Tour with Marduk & Vader in January 2010! Also Sinate from New Zealand will be part of the tour-package. We are more than honored to get this opportunity and cannot wait to hit the road! See you in the pit!

Tour Dates:

08.01.2010 (GER) Leipzig / Hellraiser
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate & Lyfthrasyr

09.01.2010 (CZ) Brno / Faval
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

10.01.2010 (SK) Nitra / Nova Pekaren
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

11.01.2010 (A) Wien / Viper Room
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate & Reanima

12.01.2010 (HUN) Gyor / Red Rocket Music
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

13.01.2010 (ROM) Cluj Napoca / Irish & Music
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

14.01.2010 (ROM) Bucarest / Studio Martin
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

15.01.2010 (BUL) Sofia / Blue Box
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

16.01.2010 (GRE) Thessaloniki / Mylos
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

17.01.2010 (GRE) Atheens / Sin City
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

19.01.2010 (SER) Beograd / SKC
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

20.01.2010 (CRO) Zagreb / Mochvara
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

21.01.2010 (ITA) Ronchi dei Legionari / Rock Club Live
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate

22.01.2010 (A) Innsbruck / Hafen
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate, Indyus & Hyperion Deathbionics

23.01.2010 (GER) Koeln / Underground
Marduk, Vader, Mastic Scum, Sinate
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Heavy New Year 2010!


We'd just like to wish everyone a slightly belated Happy New Year and much success for 2010. The last year was a great year for Mastic Scum and we'd just like to extend our thanks to everyone that showed support for us!

We are also happy to announce "Funeral Nation Tour 2010" with Marduk & Vader! New video-clip also coming soon, stay tuned! Hopefully 2010 will also be successful for us and we look forward to seeing you in the pit.

Scum ahead!

Reviews of "dust" online!


The first reviews of our new album "dust" are online! We are pretty psyched about this great reactions for this release! The album also got honoured as "CD of the week" at Stormbringer Zine & Metal Fanatics!

Stormbringer (AUT) 4/5 more
Demonic Nights (AUT) 9/10 more
Metalblaze (AUT) 4,5/5 more
Heavy-Metal (GER) 8,5/10 more
Bloggerschizo (TUR) 5/5 more
Darkscene (AUT) 8,5/10 more
Metal Fanatics (AUT) 8/10 more
Heavy Hardes (GER) 4/5 more
Aardschok [NL] 84/100 more
Bloodchamber [GER] 7,5/10 more
Schwermetall [CH] 10/13 more
The Pit [GER] 9/10 more

Tribute to Nasum!


Mastic Scum is part of "Tribute To Nasum" Compilation CD! We are proud to feature the track "The Masked Face" from the "Inhale/Exhale" album. The Compilation CD was released by "Power It Up" Rec. on Nov. 18th 2009.

Power It Up comments: it's time to announce, the releasedate for these awesome release is november 2009. More than two years of work, to get all the tracks from 53 bands from all over the world together. We are really proud to get these awesome release on our label.

Here are some bands who are a part of the compilation: Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Leng Tch'e, Total Fucking Destruction, The Arson Project, Rompeprop, Dead Infection, Mastic Scum, Blockheads & many more. read more

CD-Release-Show @ ((Szene)) Wien


Mastic Scum will appear live @ Szene in Vienna on friday 11.12.2009 to present their new CD "dust". This event is a "Double CD-Release Show" with Mastic Scum + Days Of Loss which release their new album "Life is decay". Also Dystrust, Trashcanned & Mosfet will share stage with us.

Fr. 11.12.2009 ((Szene)) Wien
"Double CD-Release-Show"

DAYS OF LOSS (New CD "Life is decay")
MASTIC SCUM (New CD "dust")

Start: 20h
AK: EUR 9.- / VVK: EUR 7.-
Szene Wien, Hauffgasse 26, 1110 Wien

2nd new Track + Videoclip online!


The 2nd new track "The Consciousness In A State Of Mind" from the new CD "dust" is online now! Also a "Fan Videoclip" for this track is online at YouTube! Check out this crazy shit!!! Thx for support to KUWBITIS for this awesome video!
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Mastic Scum live in Istanbul!


Mastic Scum will appear live in Istanbul @ Kemanci Club on Saturday 21.11.2009. We are more than honored to get the opportunity and cannot wait to meet all the Turkish fans! Grind legends Cenotaph & UCK Grind will share stage with us. Show will start at 20h. Unfortunately the 2nd show in Izmir was cancelled! c u in the pit! Blaaaaaaaaaast!!!

21.11. Istanbul - Kemanci
22.11. Izmir - cancelled!
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New album "dust" out now!


The new 4th album "dust" was released on Nov. 13th 2009 by Twilight Rec.! This new masterpiece contains 12 crushing tracks mixed at Grindlab Studio and mastered by Andy Classen (Belphegor, Tankard, Disbelief). Artwork & layout was designed by Killustrations (Six Feet Under, Kataklysm, Amon Amarth).

The first new track "Construcdead" was posted at MySpace. To listen samples of the whole album check out the eCard. To order the CD visit the Webshop.

01. Ashes To Dust (1:33)
02. Construcdead (3:53)
03. The Consciousness In A State Of Mind (3:56)
04. Regression (3:44)
05. Dead Remains (3:37)
06. The Sufferage (4.18)
07. A Life For A Lie (4:00)
08. Blood For Blood (3:38)
09. Revelation Of Mankind (3:16)
10. Adrenaline 2.0 (3:35)
11. The Will To Kill (3:23)
12. Extinction (3:16)
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E-Card & Video-Trailer online!


The upcoming 4th album "dust" will be released Nov. 13th by Twilight Rec. Therefor an E-Card with song-samples was released by the label and can be checked here: E-Card Also a Video-Trailer is online! CD-Trailer

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