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New track "Construcdead" online!


The first new track "Construcdead" from the upcoming album is online at MySpace now! The new 4th album "dust" will be released November 13th 2009 by Twilight Rec. This new masterpiece will contain 12 crushing tracks mixed at Grindlab Studio and mastered by Andy Classen (Belphegor, Tankard, Disbelief). To listen the new track check out our MySpace site!
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Album artwork & tracklist completed!


We recently completed work on our 4th full-length album "dust" which will be released on Nov. 13th by Twilight Distribution. The artwork & layout was designed by Killustrations (Six Feet Under, Kataklysm, Amon Amarth). The finished track listing for the 12 song effort is as follows:

"dust" Tracklist:
01. Ashes To Dust
02. Construcdead
03. The Consciousness In A State Of Mind
04. Regression
05. Dead Remains
06. The Sufferage
07. A Life For A Lie
08. Blood For Blood
09. Revelation Of Mankind
10. Adrenaline 2.0
11. The Will To Kill
12. Extinction
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New album "dust" out Nov. 13th by Twilight Distr.!


The upcoming new album will be entitled "dust" and released on Nov. 13th by Twilight Distribution! We already ended up recording 12 new tracks - the result will be a blast for your speakers!

The album will be mixed at Grindlab Studio and mastered by Andy Classen (Belphegor, Krisiun, Disbelief) in September. The Artwork will be designed by Killustration (Six Feet Under, Kataklysm, Amon Amarth). We are pretty psyched about it and can`t wait to hear/see the final product! Stay tuned!

We are also finally able to announce that our future home is now with Germany`s label Twilight-Distribution (Disparaged, Koldbrann, Eluveitie, Requiem, Grind Inc., Hatred). We needed a new record label and in the end Twilight won us over with their integrity as we already had a good cooperation with our last 2 albums.

"Next-Generation Open Air" Festival


Mastic Scum will appear live at "Next-Generation Open Air" Festival in Styria, Austria. We will play on Friday 14th of August which is the first day of the 2-day festival. Bands: Destruction, Endstille, Equilibrium, Norther, Hollenthon, Norther, Exilia, Mastic Scum, Goddamned-X, Ultrawurscht & many more. See you.

14. & 15. August - Flugplatz Sportunion in 8960 Niederöblarn, (Styria/Austria)

Recording finished! Studio-teaser online!


After intense weeks in the studio we ended up recording 12 songs for our upcoming album. Everything went well in the recording-process, the result is fucking exciting and will be a blast for your speakers!

The album will be mixed at Grindlab Studio and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Heaven Shall Burn, Aborted, Hatesphere) in September. We're pretty fuckin' psyched about it and can`t wait to hear the final product.

More infos about album title, cover artwork, release date and other surprises to be revealed soon. In the meantime visit our studio-blog at Myspace and check out our studio-teaser.

Official Mastic Scum Forum


We are proud to annouce an official Mastic Scum forum. It`s hosted by Hard n Heavy Common Wealth. At this forum we will keep you updated about the recording progress of our upcoming album. Check this out: official forum

We entered studio!


We finally entered the studio to record our upcoming album. The last few months has been really hectic for us - in a good way - the great changes we've been going through made us push each other to perform at our very best. New material is fucking exciting, never before have we spent so much time and energy in our songs!

12 tracks are planned to be nailed down next few weeks, here are some songtitles: Construcdead, Dead Remains, Regression, The Consciousness In A State Of Mind, The Sufferage, Revelation Of Mankind, Extinction... More infos about album title, songlist, cover artwork ... to be revealed soon.

Cooperation with Catapult Promotion & Triton Style


We are happy to announce the cooperation with Catapult Promotion & Triton Style. Catapult Promotion is responsible for all booking issues from Mastic Scum from now on, please send all booking requests to We also have a deal with Triton Style for our merchandise stuff, check out the homepage: We`re looking forward to a good collaboration!

Live dates confirmed


The first live shows for 2009 are confirmed! Mastic Scum will be on road again in March and play first show at "Chaos Blast Festival" in Munich on 21.03.2009. Also 3 dates in Slovakia are planned in May and some festival shows for summer are fixed. Some more dates to be confimred soon, stay tuned...

Live dates:

21.03.2009 "Chaos Blast Festival IV" - Munich (Germany)
Rompeprop, Haemophagia, Mastic Scum, Dead, Poppy Seed Grinder, Keitzer, Ultrawurscht & Medecophobic

25.04.2009 "Gates Of Darkness" - Graz (Austria)
Mastic Scum, Distorted Impalement, Bloodfeast, Corpse For Breakfast, All Falls Down & Forever In Decay

01.05.2009 "In Grind We Crust" - Lucenec (Slovakia)
Mastic Scum, Neuropathia, Mizar, Alea Iacta Est & more

02.05.2009 "Anaal Festival XIV" - Nitra (Slovakia)
Mastic Scum, Neuropathia, Stillbirth, Eternal Bleeding & more

03.05.2009 Trencin t.b.a. (Slovakia)
Mastic Scum & more

15.05.2009 "Summer Nights Warm Up" - Pfarrkirchen (Ger)
Mastic Scum, Outrage, Gods Of Emptiness, Extinction & Support

16.05.2009 t.b.a. (Germany)
Mastic Scum & more

01.08.2009 "Escape Metalfest" - Vienna (Austria)
Mastic Scum & more

14.08.2009 "Next Generation Open Air" Niederöblarn (Aut)
Destruction, Endstille, Belphegor, Tyr, Hollenthon, JAKA, Mastic Scum, Goddamned-X, Ultrawurscht & many more

15.08.2009 t.b.a. (Austria)
Mastic Scum & more

29.08.2009 "D.I.Y. Festival" - Cesky Tesin (Czech Rep.)
Mastic Scum & more

02.10.2009 "Noize Overdose" - Zittau (Germany)
Mastic Scum & more

03.10.2009 t.b.a. (Germany)
Mastic Scum & more

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New Line-Up! New Demo-Track!


There is a new shouter in Mastic Scum, we welcome "Maggo" in the band! We know us since years in a good frienship and are happy to work together now, he is the perfect match for Mastic Scum! "Maggo" is also active in Inzest (Deathcore), Tristwood (Industrial Metal) and Watch Me Bleed (Trash/Hardcore).

Mastic Scum had to part ways with shouter "Will" due musical differences. Harry comments: "It was a hard decision for us but the best for the band. We thought about this fact a long period of time and this change was the only right step for Mastic Scum." We wish him all the best for the future.

Check out the new demo-track "Regression" from the pre-production of our upcoming album! Mastic Scum will enter studio in march 2009 to record 12 tracks for the forthcoming CD. Some songtitles: Construcdead, Dead Remains, Regression, The Consciousness In A State Of Mind, The Sufferage, Extinction... Stay tuned!
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Videoclip "My Minds Mine" at Okto TV


The videoclip "My Minds Mine" is featured on Okto TV. Check out "aut art" from tuesday till saturday.

Heavy New Year 2009!


We would like to wish a Heavy New Year 2009! Also we would like to extend our thanks to all our friends & fans and everybody who supported us at the work on our upcoming album! We already finished the pre-production and will enter studio in february. Hopefully 2009 will also be successful for us and we look forward to seeing you in the pit. scum ahead!

Pre-production finished


We already finished the pre-production of our upcoming album! The new material is fucking exciting and heavy as fuck: shredding mosh grooves and grinding blast attacks. “We continued to refine the songs over and over again, never before we have spent so much time in songwriting and never before we have put so much energy in our new material…“

We will enter studio in February and are looking forward to finish the work on the album in spring. Some songtitles: Construcdead, The Sufferage, Dead Remains, The Consciousness In A State Of Mind, Extinction... The new album will contain 12 tracks and is planned to be released 2009. Stay tuned!

Tape version "The EP`s Collection" released!


Hell yeah! The tape version of "The EP`s Collection 1993-2002" is out now! It was released by "Deathmutt Rec." from Malaysia. The tape includes all tracks released on vinyl, also from the split EP's with ROTTEN SOUND, CSSO, BLOCKHEADS and MALIGNANT TUMOUR. All together 32 tracks with running time of 59:01 min including some cover-songs and 2 unreleased tracks. The CD version was released to the 15th anniversary of Mastic Scum in 2007 by "Power It Up" from Germany.
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In good times and bad


Because of the additional rehabilitation of our drummer "Man" we are forced to cancel all upcoming shows for fall 08. After some weeks of hospital stay "Man" is on the mend and getting better. We are very sorry about this and hope to catch up the missing shows in near future. Sorry to our fans and the organizers!

In the meantime we are busy working on our upcoming album, we are looking forward to finish the pre-production soon.

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