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Short cut interview in Legacy #39


Mastic Scum is featured with short cut interview in Legacy #39. You can also read the review of our new album This issue is available 19.10.2005. You will find interviews of: Bolt Thrower, Rammstein, Gorefest, Master, Skyforger, Cryptopsy, Annihilator, Dimmu Borgir and many more. CD tracks: Gorefest, Bolt Thrower, Dark Funeral Eisregen, Debauchery, Path Of Possession and many more. read more

CD Release show @ Arena-Wien


Mastic Scum will appear live @ Arena in Vienna on 28.09.2005 to present the new album "mind". We will share stage with Moriturus, Pain Inc. & Suneral, event will start at 8pm. For those who are not able to come, our CD will also be presented by "House Of Pain" @ FM4 radio. read more

New album "mind" out now!!


The new 3rd album "mind" is out now!! The CD contains 13 tracks + video clip and multimedia stuff. It was released by Cudgel Agency Sept. 5th and is distributed by Twilight Distribution. This album is definitely our stongest output to date - intense DeathMetalCore straight in the face! The CD can be ordered at our online shop now. Also a new shirt is available now. read more

New live dates


Some new live dates are confirmed now. We are happy to announce 2 "CD Release" shows, on Sept. 24th in Uttendorf and on Sept. 28th at Arena in Vienna. The new album will be released soon, stay tuned... For show details watch the dates section. read more

Album "mind" as vinyl and tape version


The upcoming new album "mind" will also be released as vinyl version by Apathic View Productions from Germany and as tape version by Disembowel Records from Indonesia. The CD version of the new album will include the video clip "My Minds Mine" and will be released September 5th by Cudgel Agency / Twilight Distribution. 2 new tracks are available as mp3 download now. read more

First video clip completed


We have completed work on our first video clip from the upcoming new album "mind". The band performed at location in Vienna for the song "My Minds Mine" end of June. The video was produced by IdeeTV, directed by N. Jaros. The video clip will be added to the upcoming album "mind" which will be out September 5th. read more

New mp3 tracks online


New mp3 tracks from the upcoming 3rd album "mind" are online now! The songs "My Minds Mine" and "Unrestrained" are available as mp3 tracks for download. New album will be released September 5th by Cudgel Agency / Twilight Distribution. For mp3 downloads visit our "sounds" section. read more

Show with Napalm Death


We will share stage with Napalm Death on Friday 08.07. in Arena - Vienna. The event will take place in the big hall and will start at 7pm, confirmed bands: Napalm Death + Diecast + End Of Days + Mastic Scum + Sayyadina + Looking For An Answer. Be prepared for some new stuff from our upcoming album. read more


New album out Sept. 5th 2005


The upcoming 3rd album "mind" will be out September 5th 2005. This album will contain 13 tracks + video clip and will be released by Cudgel Agency / Twilight Distribution. At this record we put more emphasis on Death Metal, combined with Grindcore and Hardcore tunes - Death Metal Core straight in the face! Mp3 samples coming soon. read more


New live dates


New live dates are confirmed now. We are happy to announce some festival shows and also the show with Napalm Death in Vienna. We also finished the work on our upcoming album, so we are ready to hit the stage with some new tracks. For show details watch the dates section. read more

recording & mixing is done


The recording & mixing of our upcoming album is done. We are very satisfied with the result, we can talk about our strongest album to date! This release will contain 13 tracks + 1 video-clip and will be released begin September 2005 by Cudgel Agency/Twilight Distribution. More infos coming soon. read more

Shows cancellation!!


We are very sorry to announce that we have to cancel the upcoming show at Hellfest 2005 in Poland and 2 shows in Czech Rep. Because of an accident of our shouter "Will", it´s not possible to enter stage next few weeks. We all hope that he will recover soon. We feel really sorry about the cancellation of the dates and hope to make up the shows in near future. read more

Upcoming album delayed


The release date of the upcoming CD "mind" is postphoned to begin September 2005 because of adding a video-clip to the album. The Band will shoot the video in May 2005 which will be produced by The upcoming album will feature 13 tracks + 1 video-clip. New mp3 tracks for download will be available soon. read more

Studio update


The recording of our upcoming album "mind" is done, everything went cool, we are very satisfied with the result. 13 tracks were recorded and will be mixed and mastered begin of march 2005. The artwork will be done by Spine Artworks and is still in progress. The plan is to complete all work end of march. The album will be out in May 2005. Pics available here read more

Heavy New Year!!!


Well, this was a very successful but also exhausting year 2004 - touring with Natron in May, going to USA for some shows in summer, but most of all preparing our new album. For sure it was worthwhile, new material is fucking awesome!! At the time we are still working on the new release, studio recordings will be finished end of January, mixing and mastering in middle of February. The album will be released in May 2005 by Cudgel Agency/Twilight Distribution. Stay tuned... read more

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